YEG Social Painting

Explore your creativity, paint your world

This cool group is for people who want to explore their creativity, all levels & ages (depending on location) welcomed. Step by Step demonstration with an artist will make your painting experience easy and stress free! Flat rate will include all supplies. Some proceeds will be going to Communities at Play Society, an organization that empowers young woman and girls.
- Adam Sendler


We are passionate about making art accessible to everyone.  With years of experience delivering art workshops for different purposes, Yeg Social is happy to announce that we are offering workshops

Community Workshops

The community workshops take a few sessions, depending on how long you want the program to run. We explore art techniques which can be applied to everyday situations and will allow the participants to use art to cope in real life situations.

Team Building​

Is your company/workplace looking for a fun way to build your team? We explore activities using art to make connection, work together and communicate with each other in a fun way. At the end, you keep a piece of art that represents your team and your workplace or individual pieces for everyone to take home!

Just for Fun

Workshops can be one or more days, depending on what you would like to explore. It can be art techniques and projects which will engage and provide tools the participants need to create their own projects and make art on their own.



It is why we support non – profits organizations like Communities at Play Society. Yeg Social is committed to donate funds for every booking over 10 guests. Another reason why you should book with us!