Book a Private Event with Us!


Have an incredible time with YEG Social!

We do any type of group events: birthdays, stagettes, team building, fundraising, reunion or just cause!

For groups over 10 guests, we can help find you a venue. We have lots of venues to choose from in the Edmonton area and one location in Sherwood Park. Depending on the size of the group and what kind of function it is, we will find a venue to suit your needs and provide a memorable experience! 

If you wish to do a private party at your home residence, we are more than happy to accommodate this. 

*For an event over 10 guests, we donate some of the funds to a non-profit organization, this is why we keep our prices consistent and we do not offer any discounts. 


1.) How do we choose the painting we would like to do at the event?

You can view all the available options here. You can then tell us the name of the painting on the booking request form or later on in the booking process. 

2.) How do we pay for the event? 

We accept Paypal currently. 

3.) What is provided?

You can count on us to provide the following: 

  • Brushes/easels/pallets/table cloths
  • Acrylic Paint 
  • 20" x 17" Canvas 
  • Other supplies may be included depending on the event theme 
  • A CREATIVE and Fun time!



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