Meet The Team

We are locally based artists who are passionate about making art accessible to everyone and who feel passionate about giving back to the community. Art can be a great way to help create a strong community, one person at a time.

Meet one of our fantastic artist!!

Meet one of our fantastic artist!!

Yazmin is an experienced artist, who is highly involved in her community. Two time nominee for the Latin American Chambers of Commerce for the best artist of the year.

Yazmin is a member of the Edmonton Arts Council Equity Committee. You will find Yazmin's work at showcases like Unpacking boxes, which is a yearly event for the International Day of Eliminating Discrimination. Yazmin enjoys organizing showcases like the yearly Masala Mix and ImagiNation Miscellany who is is one of the founders. Yazmin also loves to volunteer, she chairs a non profit organization Communities at Play and is a member of the Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton.

Yazmin has  nine years experience working with Mental Health and Addictions. Yazmin knows the importance of art in ones mental and emotional health.

Leslie H

Leslie has been painting since she can remember. At a very young age, she discovered her talent and her love for art. After a break from art, she feels ready to show the world her skills and to share her love for art with all of you. Leslie is a proud mother of two and who is passionate about giving back to the community.